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Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital” is registered at the direction of  Molodechno district executive committee №410 on 28.06.2007. State Registration Certificate of non-commercial organization series НО№ 0009010 was issued.

Molodechno district executive committee is the founder of the Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital”.

Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital” is the official institution founded on the municipal form of ownership of the Molodechno district.

The institution is the legal entity, has independent balance, current and other accounts in the bank, company seal. It acts under  the corporate  Charter.

Registered address: Chkalova street,3, 222304, Molodechno, Minsk district.

Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital” is registered in Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxation of the Republic of Belarus in Molodechno district as a taxpayer under accounts number 600029492.


Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital” conducts activities under  the corporate  Charter, accepted by  decision of Molodechno district executive committee on 24.05.2007 № 342. Changes and аmendments are made by Decisions of Molodechnodistrict executive committee on 28.06.2007 № 410, on 28.10.2008 № 826, on 26.01.2009 № 9р.

Subordination: Directorate General of Health Services of Minsk district executive committee, Molodechno district executive committee.

In line with the Charter the main objective of the institution is to ensure high quality and effective medical and preventive public care, carrying out of other economic activity, not inconsistent with the applicable law of  Belarus and Institution Charter.

Medical activity is carried out in accordance with license for medical activity , listed in register of licenses of Public Health Service of Belarus № М-6127 (licensed on 20.10.2009).

Health institution “Molodechno Central District Hospital” got the following licenses:

-          № 02300/360-4  issued by Ministry for Emergency Situations for the right to carry out activity in the sphere of safety till 06.05.2018;

-          № 02040/584issued by Ministry for Emergency Situations for the right to carry out pharmaceutical activities till 14.05.2024.

-          № 02040/963 issued by Ministry for Emergency Situations for the right to carry out activities involving distribution of narcotic drugs, psychoactive substances and their precursors till 30.06.2024.


Chief Physician:.

Tel:8 (0176) 

Personal reception of citizens:on Thursday from 08.00 to 13.00;Chkalova str.,3 (hospital 1).An appointment can be booked at the reception office by secretary on week days 08.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00 or by phone: 8 (0176) 50 06 15.

Address:Chkalova street,3 222304  Molodechno, Minsk district,Belarus.

E-mail: secretar@crbmol.by

Tel-fax:8 (0176) 50 06 15(reception office)